How do I create an account for Coinage BETA?

How has Coinage performed?

Throughout the pre-BETA test phase, the index performed at an 8.7% gain vs the dollar. And a 3.8% gain over holding BTC.  On average, one trade was made per day resulting in a ~.1% change in holdings. This accrued a total of .002% total exchange fees after the original buy in. This negligible amount has hardly any effect on the gain vs BTC. The Cryptex fee included in this calculation would impact the dollar gain percentage by ~.33%, to 8.36% of net asset value gained.

Past performance isn't indicative of future performance.

How long was the pre-BETA test phase?

Two months starting in March 2018, without a hiccup.

What is the cost of the service?

Coinage is FREE while in BETA.  After BETA, there will be a small monthly subscription fee.

Why should I trust Coinage with my API keys?

Coinage was designed and implemented by an industry expert in cloud computing security to exceed industry security standards. You will only grant Coinage permission to view your holdings and place trades (not withdraw funds). Trades placed by Coinage will have the goal of bringing your overall asset allocation weightings in line with current market capitalization in the most efficient way possible, whilst spreading your risk as evenly as possible over various cryptocurrency exchanges.  Coinage encrypts your API keys: Keys are only accessible in the clear on specific Coinage instances at specific times those instances are servicing your account.  Coinage extracts public key information from your hardware wallet (if configured)--this allows Coinage to view transactions that you make using your wallet, but does not allow Coinage to make transactions.  To protect your privacy, your hardware wallet public key information is stored and accessed with the same level of security as your exchange API keys.

Why don't you invest my money for me?

We are not custodians, we provide software that helps you, the user effectively manage your portfolio.

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