Cryptex Index Tracker Features

Cold Storage - The Cryptex Index Tracker can monitor your hardware wallet account so that you can store much of your cryptocurrency offline. This mitigates the risk of an exchange being hacked.

No Custody - Cryptex has no custody of your funds. The Cryptex Index Tracker is only allowed to trade your funds within exchanges where you provide permission, but not allowed to withdraw funds. If you no longer want Cryptex Index Tracker to trade your funds, you may simple revoke the API keys within your exchange account.

Your Choice - The choice of how many coins to hold is yours. Whether you would like to diversify into the top 50 cryptocurrencies or the top two, or anywhere in between, you can. Note: At times your holdings may vary slightly from currently advertised allocations due to coins not being listed on exchanges and/or order size being too small or large to immeadietely execute.

Liquidate Function - Liquidation is an important feature that we think should be available when needed to cryptocurrency holders. Even though holding funds with one parameter set usually yields the most returns over an extended period, there are times when liquidation may be appropriate for an investor. You can request that Cryptex trade all of your holdings into BTC, you can then transfer that BTC to a fiat gateway like Coinbase to exit cryptocurrency entirely. Partial liquidation is as simple as transferring a portion of your holdings away from one or more of your exchange accounts or hardware wallets, Cryptex will notice the transfer and reallocate accordingly. Large reallocations such as those that happen during liquidation incur larger exchange fees and more potential for price slippage; liquidations and reallocations should be performed infrequently.


Auto Rebalancing - Instead of you having to manually rebalance your portfolio on a regular basis, the Cryptex Index Tracker does this for you; you get the bonus of rebalancing without the headache of manually having to do so.

C20/C50 - Two main trackers of growth have been created by Cryptex Services, the CRYPTEX20 and CRYPTEX50. C20 is a market-cap weighted sum of the top 20 cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization).  C50 applies the same methodology to the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

Low Fees - While the Cryptex Index Tracker is in BETA, fees are not being charged. After launch usage will be charged on a pay-as-you-go basis based on an annual fee of 2% of net asset value.

Multi Market Trading/Holding - The Cryptex Index Tracker BETA can connect to accounts on the Binance and/or Bittrex exchanges (support for further exchanges is planned). Spreading your assets over multiple exchanges reduces exposure to exchange failure whilst keeping assets online for reallocation liquidity. Cryptex aims to continually add support for further exchanges as needed to mitigate risk and/or satisfy demand.

Monthly Trade Record - Each month you will be provided a record of your trades from the past month and an overview of your current portfolio allocation. This can help you keep track of your trades and file taxes.