Sean Johnston - COO

Sean graduated in 2016 from the University of Portland in Operations and Technology management. He went on to start a cryptofund and then Consensus Solutions. He has managed many projects for the company and has designed many blockchain based products. A self proclaimed economics nerd, Sean spent years reading the greats such as Mises, Rothbard, Woods, Hoppe, and Murphy.


David Nicholson - CTO

David graduated from the computer science masters program at Oxford. Shortly after that he worked for a defense contractor in England building security systems. David did a 10 year stint at Microsoft, designing distributed security infrastructure for products like Bing and Azure. Since founding Consensus Solutions, David has built many products within the blockchain industry. David loves walking his dog in the British countryside.


Kevin Johnston, JD - CSO

Kevin Graduated from Gonzaga Law school in the late 2000s. After practicing law for a few months he joined Sound Community Bank as a commercial lender. The bank’s balance sheet grew and was eventually made ready to sell. Kevin then joined Anchor Bank where he grew the portfolio substantially to warrant a bank sale. Currently he works as a strategy officer in the blockchain and banking industry.