Our Team

With years of studying economics, banking, computer science, applied cryptography, and law, the team at Consensus Solutions is uniquely primed for most blockchain based projects. After successfully completing multiple trading software projects for our clients, we are moving on to projects in the tokenization, payments, and banking industries.


David Nicholson
Chief Technology Officer

David studied Computer Science at Oxford University and then spent 10 years holding various computer security roles in the technology industry (most recently he was responsible for machine-layer public-key cryptography infrastructure and secrets deployment within Microsoft Azure). In 2017, David decided to dedicate his time to smaller cryptocurrency related products; he is responsible for Consensus Solutions engineering, and takes great pride in ensuring our software operates as reliably and securely as possible.


Kevin Johnston J.D.
Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin has spent 6 years in the banking industry in Seattle. Understanding macro-economics and risk management are his forte. Kevin has been invested in the cryptocurrency industry since early 2017. Kevin is a welcome adviser to the team.


Sean Johnston
Chief Operating Officer

Sean created and managed a private cryptocurrency fund. In 2018, Sean and David started developing algorithmic trading strategies in an effort to continue to increase portfolio value during the market down-turn. Sean's vision is to allow others to make use of this software to reduce risk within their own portfolios: In May 2018 he managed the launch of the first public beta of Coinage.fund.